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A “Secret Boys Gathering” in the middle of the night!?

– Join us in the sweet Land of Dreams -

NEWS, who’s released the new album “NEVERLAND”. As with the title, the 4 members in their relaxed modes, invite you to their Land of Dreams ♪

Tegoshi runs off for a massage appointment!?
NEWS’ new album “NEVERLAND” is the most fantastic release of the group ever!
M: As the theme for this album is “NEVERLAND” = Land of Dreams, we wanted to create an album that has the image of inviting people into an entertainment theme park.
K: This was originally an idea suggested by our music producer, and all 4 of us agreed.
T: I thought it was a great theme. The songs are also of a wide range.
S: This time, we got a professional voice talent to record the narration in between songs. It is this narration that makes it even easier to enter the world of “NEVERLAND”.
T: I’ve been listening to the album non-stop since it was completed. I might sound a little over confident and narcissistic, but each song has a proper character of its own and all the songs are fabulous.
M: This is one album that we’re really proud of. There was also an episode that conveys how close NEWS are during the production stage of the album. This is something that we’re saying only in this interview. There was actually a meeting for the album that Koyama didn’t manage to come for.
S: He was supposed to join us later, but we decided to just go ahead and start the meeting without him (laugh).
T: But well, I did text him to let him know. Like, “Okay if we started first?”
K: Yeah, he did.
M: Then, we decided on quite a bit of album’s content then, and Tegoshi texted all that to Koyama too, right?
T: Right. “We’ve chosen ‘Metronome’ for the album’s title~”, which was a small lie (laugh).
K: Something like, to use a music related term in continuation to “QUARTETTO” for the previous album. So I simply thought, “That’s a nice title~” (laugh)!
S: It’s very convincing as “Metronome” was one of the shortlisted titles for the previous album.
M: How did you start suspecting that something isn’t right after that?
K: When I saw the documents left behind. I’d been thinking that the staff and I don’t quite seem to be getting each other, so it was like, “So this was what happened!?”
M: Partly because we’d also clean forgotten about our lie to Koyama (laugh).
T: Sorry for not following up!
M: Well, that prank fits in well to the theme of “NEVERLAND” too.
S: Yup. It was fantasy-like, wasn’t it?
K: Not at all! It’s way too terrible to tell your member the wrong title (laugh).
In conjunction to the album, a much-anticipated nation-wide tour will also kick-off on 1st April, about a year after your last one.
K: We’re in the midst of meetings now, and what we’re particular about is probably the opening. We’re putting special attention to work on how far we can bring the audience into the world of “NEVERLAND”, so we hope people can take note of the first 5 songs.
M: We work hard on the opening each time, and the opening this time is looking good too!
K: We hope people will be surprised and think, “This song next!?”
S: This is the 5th tour since we became 4, so it’s a good time to present an entire “BRAND NEW NEWS”.
T: I like concerts the best too, and I can’t wait for the first day of the tour, 1st Apr to come already ♪
M: … what Tegoshi can’t wait for is probably his massage (knock)
T: Wahahahaha! You’re going to talk about that?
M: Right in the middle of one of our concert meetings with everyone, Tegoshi actually went off for his massage.
K: He said he’d already asked massage therapist to his house so he can’t keep the person waiting and went home (laugh).
M: The day finally came when he disappeared.
S: To begin with, it’s strange to set up an appointment 2 hours after the start of our meeting. There’s no way we’ll be able to finish by then!
T: Like I’d kno~w
K: Well, I guess I behaved very typically me when I responded with, “Why don’t you ask that person to come over here instead?” (laugh)
M: Exactly. It’s because Koyama spoils Tegoshi that he keeps getting worse, and we ended up having Tegoshi join the meeting through a video call from his house (laugh)
S: What we saw from our side was Tegoshi, lying face down and shouting in a loud voice, “Righhht!”
T: That’s because I won’t be able to join in your conversation if I didn’t speak in a loud voice~
K: And even when the atmosphere got a little uptight on our side, only Tegoshi’s voice came through loud and clear, making “Oh, oh, oh…” sounds while being massaged (laugh)
S: I thought of just cutting him off! To top it off, he complained of back aches the following day in spite of all that we went through for this massage, didn’t he?
T: Wahahahahaha!
S: What was all that time for man
K: But it’s amazing. This episode has a perfect twist at the end (laugh)
T: Like I went to “Injuryland” instead of “NEVERLAND”?*
M: Nono (laugh). Because “Nobody gets any injuries once the tour starts!”
As the theme for the photoshoot was “An Invitation to the Land of Dreams”, we got them to talk about sleeping before ending off the interview.
K: Shige sleeps the most. Like on the flights, he will fall asleep with his book open before him
M: Plus he even changes the book when he wakes up
K: Like, what’s he doing?
S: That’s true (laugh)
K: Recently, I’ve been listening to the videos with titles like “Songs to listen to before sleeping”. Like what Tegoshi does at home
T: I usually have sounds of water streaming or sounds of nature playing out through speakers at home. It soothes you, as if you’re in a forest
S: I listen to R&B before sleeping
T: You can fall asleep while listening to R&B?
S: Yeah. I’ve made it my habit to listen to R&B then sleep
T: Like, “Aren’t I cool, because I listen to R&B before sleeping?”
K: You just wanted to say that (laugh) #
S: No it’s true. But I guess it’s easy to think that way (laugh). Massu, do you have any tips for falling asleep fast?
M: Not really, because I don’t sleep until I get sleepy.
T: A question for Massu! Why do you wear your headphones around your chin instead of your head on flights and stuff when we travel?
M: Because I don’t like how the headphones mess up my hair
K: So that’s why (laugh)
T: Then use earphones! Use the in-ear type of earphones!
M: My ears are really bad. So the in-ear type places too much pressure on my ears
T: No no. Because of how you wear your headphones, the sound escapes like nobody’s business!
S: And that’s definitely the cause for your bad ears! (laugh)

*Injuryland and Neverland in Japanese sounds similar – Kega Land & Neba Land
#Koyama said “Iitai Dake” here, probably in reference to the KoyaShige performance for LIVE! LIVE! LIVE!

Thanks to inala @ lj for the scans!
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