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Konnichiwa! I started this journal to post translations of magazine articles on NEWS (Massu biased though :D ), done whenever I can find time to.

They may not be the best translations that you can find as I am not a native speaker of Japanese, but they are as accurate as I can get them to be. If you find mistakes in my translations please let me know so I can revise and improve on them!

I don't mind if you want to repost them elsewhere or use them as bases for translation into other languages, but please let me know beforehand if you do. Thank you! :)

Subs can be found at strawberry_subs.

2021.08 Nikkei Entertainment

Sharing a translation to celebrate this sensitive yet strong presence.
I had problems deciding which one to do this year, but when I read this two days ago, it was an immediate no brainer. It's not easy to express the nuances in what he said, but hopefully I managed to keep it as close as possible to what he wanted to convey.
Happy Birthday Massu 💛

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Masuda Takahisa (NEWS)
Even then, I...

At the end of May, NEWS completed their final tour for the “Album Four-Parter”, the project they took four years to complete. With a member leaving the group, the past year was an unstable one of adjustments. The question then is, what makes him want to continue working in the group, despite being covered in wounds? And what was behind the tears he shed during the concert? We held a long interview with member Masuda Takahisa, taking the chance to also ask him about his growing solo activities over the past two years.

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2020.11.28-12.04 TV Guide

The release of their 26th single, “Beautiful/Chincha Umakka/Kanariya”!
Beautiful Hope

NEWS is about to release their first triple A single as a group.
How they each feel about “singing”, the moments they find “beautiful”, if they were to rent each other…
We bring you a substantial long interview alongside beautiful photos where they exude the charms of adults.

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NEWS no All Night Nippon Premium 2021/02/21 - Translation Part 1

Since this was 3-nin's first radio programme together (and "All Night Nippon" at that!) I thought it might be nice to do a simple summary/translation of the programme. It was 3hrs and 40mins long though, and I tried to write as much as I could down so this ended up extremely long hahaha. But I'm finally finished! Do let me know if you notice any typos/mistakes so I can fix them.


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SO-EN 2019 09

It personally wasn't easy to even decide to watch the concert DVD, but I'm glad I went through it. So here's Massu talking about the costumes in last year's so-en, for those who would like to read about them.
Please note that the setlist is included in the article, so if you would prefer not to see the setlist before watching, please avoid reading this till after watching the concert!

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MFBB vol.09 Costume Special

Enter Masuda Takahisa’s column “MFBB” using the password, “I love fashion!”, to get in touch with and learn about fashion from various angles. This issue is the long awaited costume special! “NEWS LIVE TOUR 2019 WORLDISTA”, the tour that took place across the nation in nine venues between March to May this year. We look at the costumes Masuda worked on, along with his comments. He also tells us about the theme for this year’s costumes!

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2020 06 QLAP!

Masuda Takahisa
Feelings That Are Important
“Rental Nanmoshinai Hito”, which he stars in, is currently in broadcast.
As someone who watches the drama in real time as well, what is interesting about the drama?
This issue of the magazine opens with showing different sides of Masuda-kun’s charm through comments from the drama director, the author of the original work, as well as a history of past photo shoots!

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2020 TV Guide Alpha Vol. 28

Sharing a translation to celebrate our gentle sunshine. While this interview was mostly about “Pareto no Gosan” and his role in it, I thought it was an interesting read as it sheds some light about the way he thinks about things. Hope you guys enjoy it too. :)


Takahisa Masuda x Become
He is probably a sensitive person. As we held the conversation around the word “become” and we listened to him talk about the things he “becomes”, his character comes shining through his gentle tone.
What matters most, is the people. Everything that he has accumulated thus far, acts as the basis for the natural way he carries himself.

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