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Myojo 2017 05

Living Room – the chill-out talk among the four of them –

This month’s theme: The courage to be xx (other than being disliked)

As the drama that Kato appears in is “The Courage to be Disliked”, we get them to talk about the courage they need for all sorts of other things! Is NEWS’ most timid member, really the leader?

K: If I have to choose between whether I’m courageous or timid, I’d say I’m timid!
S: Our work is such that, the more we hope to pull off the best performance, the more afraid we are of failures. However, we all overcome that in the end. It’s probably only Koyama who’d go, “I can’t do bungee jumps!” in spite of that being part of work (laugh).
T: The programme where he went for the location shoot with mentalist DaiGo, right. I got really irritated when I saw that moment from the telecast (laugh).
M: I don’t really like the word “timid”, it makes me feel like I’m a scaredy-cat.
S: But there’s no way you can do this job if you’re not timid. It’s only because you’re timid, that you can do your best right till the last second, such that the final work is something that you can be sure of no matter what other people say. Like the special drama for “24hr TV”, I was told about that in June, but was afraid the whole time till the actual shoot. But there’s no choice other than to do it, and that fear helped me prepare for it beforehand.
M: The time when I felt really scared for work was the time when NEWS held our concert in Taiwan. We were supposed to be lowered down from a skeleton stage about 40m above ground, but it really shakes like crazy, plus I wasn’t mentally prepared during the rehearsal so I was so scared I was covered in perspiration. But I think I managed to pull off the actual performance without showing any signs of fear. I heard Koyama was still shaking during the actual performance though (laugh).
K: Well, I do my best if it’s work, but there’s no way I’ll go for rides at amusement parks. I’ve been like that since young.
T: I can’t do haunted houses! I still end up entering out of curiosity though (laugh).  But because I’m scared, there has to be at least one person in front and behind of me.

M: There was once when Tegomass had to enter a haunted house for work. Because I’m also bad with haunted houses, the 2 of us created a huge din and even broke the haunted house set (laugh).
S: I absolutely hate haunted houses too~ I hate eating insects and stuff too, but I can still handle that. There was no hesitation when I had to do that for “Hen Labo”.
K: I thought Tegoshi was amazing for doing the bungee jump and stuff overseas.
T: Before I had to do my first ever bungee jump for “Sekai no Hate Made Itte Q!”, I received a text from Uchimura Teruyoshi-san, who was back in Japan. “It’s okay to not be able to do it if you can’t.” This text came when I was really nervous, and gave me lots of courage. Because I now had an escape route if I failed, I got filled with lots of courage.
K: If Tegoshi had sent me a similar text, maybe I’d have been able to do the jump too?
S: Koyama might have been able to unexpectedly do it because he’s susceptible to pressure. Massu is the more stubborn one and might reject.
M: During the drama, “RESCUE~Tokubetsu Kodo Kyujotai”, with Nakamaru (Yuichi)-kun, I took out quite a bit of courage. It took resolution to get a crew cut from the long-ish hair I had at that time, so I could look the part of a fireman. Nakamaru-kun went to the hairdresser’s quite a few times, and snipped his hair off bit by bit (laugh).
K: There were times when I was courageous too! There was once when the dance choreographer got mad at Massu for no reason after NEWS was formed, and I went, “Why do you say such things!” at the choreographer.
S: And that was someone who’s super scary when he’s mad.
K: Exactly. To comment about the choreographer then was something that really took courage!
T: There was an incident I got defiant to that choreographer when I was still a junior.
K: Seriously!?
T: I was positioned behind the center member when back dancing for the seniors. And when we returned to the dressing room, he said to me, “Tegoshi, that was a great position you were at, weren’t you?”
S: That’s just pure communication, wasn’t it?
T: That was probably love. And the usual reaction will be to smile and say, “Not at all~”, but I threw the bread I was eating or something and said, “Shut up!”
K: Terrible!
T: A chair flew towards me after that (laugh). I got taken outside, and given a lecture, “You little, what do you think you are going to become with this attitude of yours!” And it seems like I replied, “A star!!” (laugh). I was told about this episode about 5 years after our debut, where he said, “You were an interesting fella” and laughed it off.
K: It takes courage to go for the auditions to become a Junior too.
S: In this industry, the likelihood of things going successfully is lower than that of failing, so it takes courage. Even if I know there might be people who say negative things about how I am writing novels, or the things I comment on TV, I still have to do them.
K: What Domoto Tsuyoshi-kun said when he appeared on “Mirai Theatre” left a strong impression. “It’s not good to appear on TV while thinking that you want to be liked by everybody. Because it’ll hurt more to be disliked when you were trying your best to be liked. To appear as usual and get disliked, means people really dislike you as you are, and that will feel better, wouldn’t it.” After hearing that, I realised how important it was to be yourself and gained courage from his words.
S: It’s “The Courage to be Disliked”!

Thanks to inala @ lj for the scans!
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