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NEWS no All Night Nippon Premium 2021/02/21 - Translation Part 2

This is the continuation of the NEWSANNP translation as the previous entry got too long and LJ refused to let me save everything into one entry.

Here's the translation from 8pm onwards. Enjoy!

- - -

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8 - 9 pm

Reading a listener mail, the listener and their friend(s) have been talking about how they want to grow up and act like a grown up. They’d like to know what the three of them felt was “grown up” when they were still students, and when they felt they’ve become an adult.
Massu shared how when he turned 20, there was the joy of being legally recognised as an adult, but then there was also that feeling of how he was still far from being an adult as he was surrounded by lots of adults who behaved very maturely. He had quite a few friends who were about 26 years old back then, and he remembered feeling rather dejected and thinking like he had to turn 26 before he finally became an adult, as 20 was still very much a kid. He’s not sure what really defines an adult, but maybe things like being able to pick people up in their own car, knowing lots of yummy restaurants, being able to share stories that provide insight etc.
Koyama said people who are at ease, or can afford to give things to people. Like people who are accepting?
M: Koyama, you can have the water.
K: Why are you giving me this now? Thanks.
M: I gave this to you.
K: Ah, that’s what it is?
M: Get the joke already, it’s my best effort to be funny.

Shige pulled the conversation back, and referred to his earlier story about Masakado. It’s not that he’s changed or what, but that circumstances force him to become an adult. He’s probably been the same since his teens, but there’re so many things to pay attention to now. Massu agreed, saying that it’s the environment that makes them become adults and Shige said you’ll grow up even if you don’t do anything. Koyama said the atmosphere on set can greatly change depending on the kind of person the lead actor was, so he asked Massu if he paid attention to anything in particular when he played the leading role to that huge ensemble of actors (TL note: probably referring to “How To Succeed”, since Koyama used theatre terms here). Massu said he wanted to make sure that no one is left out of the conversation. It’s not like he was the oldest person on set, and there may be lots of limitations to what he can do, but it’d be nice if he could help to bridge people together, like the staff with actors. Also, he wanted to be known for bringing the best food to set. (K: The way to one’s heart is through their stomach, huh) Massu said he’d usually start off with things like, “I’m ordering delivery, anyone else wants something?” And once you conquer their stomachs, things get a lot easier.
Koyama then asked Shige about his dramas. Shige said when he played leading roles in his 20s, he thought it was important to have a good balance between being the lead actor and being humble. But in his 30s, he felt that it’s important to be confident and hold his head high. While he’s still humble, he holds his head high. Because if he’s too pliant (at this age), people might find him unreliable. On facilitating communication on set, he doesn’t try too hard about it; if the opportunity comes, he facilitates it. Massu asked how Shige behaves at the dramas where he’s the lead, as he doesn’t go like, “I’ll take charge of this,” when it comes to NEWS, but instead is the type who supports quietly from the sidelines. Koyama agreed. Shige said he doesn’t exactly take the lead, but would show concern if it seems like things aren’t going well for anyone, plus show a stance of himself properly holding his head high and confronting his role. Koyama shared something about Shige that he noticed on set. Shige is never holed up in his dressing room during breaks on set. Instead, he would be speaking to the staff on set the entire time. He said he felt this quality is something that definitely makes Shige well-liked on sets. Shige said he likes being at the standby area, though it’s hard to stick around the standby area now due to COVID-19. Koyama said Massu is good at such things too, in that he makes it easy for staff to approach and talk to him. Massu wondered if that’s true, and said that as he grew older, he realised that everyone played an equal part to the piece of work. While he may have to bear more responsibility as the lead actor, the work is equally important to everyone. It may be because he didn’t get leading roles until later in his career, but he’s grown to understand this, and that’s what caused him to change. Koyama agreed, saying every staff member is the lead actor in their role, and that everyone creates the work together.
Shige thought of something that he feels he has to be adult about - when he has to be the first one to say something at the press conference for what he’s the lead actor for. And if he trips over his speech, it’d look bad so he feels he has to do that smoothly, or maybe help the younger actors out when they have problems conveying what they want to say then. Massu said he’s terrible at the closing speech at the celebration parties. Shige added toasts are hard too. Koyama brought up how when they have to propose toasts at their post-concert parties, Koyama usually is the one to begin and Shige closes. Massu said the opposite pattern happens too, but for some reason, he’s ALWAYS somewhere in the middle.
S: There’s no trust.
M: Yes exactly! JE doesn’t trust me.
S: But everyone who listened to today’s radio would probably think the same! “We need to make sure Masuda goes in the middle”
M: I know right? What is this!
S: But there are advantages to going first too.
M: EXACTLY. It’s more advantageous to go first and definitely the easiest. I mean, there’re no limitations to what you can say since there isn’t anything someone said before you to take into consideration.
S: Then you go first from now on.
K: But the first person has to give a proper lead, like give thanks, give a good overview etc. before passing it onto the next person.
S: Yeah. Like, “Thank you for coming despite the rain” and so on. Proper “adult” greetings. Can you do that?
M: No.
S: So which turn do you want?
M: Second. Hurhurhur

♪ BURN ♪

// Music Segment: Johnny’s ouen song selection //
(Johnny’s song of support selection)

Due to the COVID-19 situation, it’s still hard to lead the lives we used to, so they wanted to suggest some Johnny’s support songs to listen to when we feel unsure or uncertain about the future. Koyama went first, saying he listens to this song whenever he wants to hype himself up. Like before a stage play or concerts. The song builds up excitement right from the start and it makes you feel like you can move ahead, so he hopes we can listen to it.

♪ V6 - Believe Your Smile

Coming back from the song, Koyama asked, “Don’t you just naturally start dancing?” They said they’ve all sung and danced for this song many times, and said they’re always excited when they’re told they have to backdance for this song, as the dance is super cool. Koyama said his audition song was also a song by V6 - “Ai no Melody”. While the dance isn’t difficult to him now, it was so difficult back then, since he barely had any experience. Massu’s audition song was also one by V6, “Can do! Can go!”. Shige isn’t sure, saying it’s probably “Can do! Can go!” or “Ashita ni Mukatte” as he auditioned through “8ji da J!” Koyama added how it was a huge deal back then whether or not they got to hold microphones.
M: You got to hold a mic for “Believe Your Smile”?
K: I think so!
M: That’s why elites are scary…

Shige said the first time he danced as Koyama’s shinme was for “Ai no Melody” (K: Yup! And it’s been 20 years since.) Shige went next to introduce his song selection, saying while V6 has many songs of support, Arashi has many too. That NEWS has the image of having many songs of support is probably due to how they were volleyball supporters, and both V6 and Arashi are the same. He had problems deciding on just one song, and since it’s going to be spring soon, he picked this song.

♪ Arashi - Sakura sake ♪

Shige said it’s still the entrance exams season, and while it might have gone well for some, some may still be fighting on, but no matter what, the sakura blooms (“sakura saku” in Japanese). Massu pointed out how it wasn’t “sakura saku”, but “sakura sake”, in that you’re asking them to bloom, so it’s got that element of wanting to head towards a better place.

It was then Massu’s turn to introduce his song of choice, and he said it’s a song he personally loves, and it’s a song he listens to and gains strength from. (K: Oh nice, what do we have after V6 and Arashi?)

♪ Masuda Takahisa - FOREVER MINE ♪

Coming back from the song,
K: Your own song huh!

Koyama said he’s been waiting to say that since Massu started introducing the song, and Shige said he wished he’d played (Yamashita) Tatsuro-san’s version instead.
S: Why did we have to listen to YOUR cover of the song?
M: Eh? But it’s the same piano accompaniment of Tatsuro-san’s version!

Koyama said people who didn’t know Massu did a cover of the song might have gotten the mistaken impression that he chose Tatsuro-san’s song when they first heard the song intro. Then, “Hmm? WHO is this???” Massu said he really loves Tatsuro-san and got permission to cover this song. He was also allowed to use the same audio of the piano accompaniment used for the original. They said this was used as the theme song for Tokyo Tower (2005), a film Okada Jun (V6) and Matsumoto Jun (Arashi) were in.

M: Sorry it ended up being a song of my own.
S: Nah, I just thought you’ve got a really strong heart.
K: We widened the scope such that it was for the entire Johnny’s, and you had to narrow it down like that.
S: There’s also the question of whether this counts as a song of support.
M: But I thought, at the end of the day, you have to be the one who loves yourself the most.
S: Was that something good he said?
K: That’s all for this segment!

Reading a mail, the listener said “BURN” was really good and they really want to listen to it at the concert. The next mail was also on “BURN” - the listener said rock-singing NEWS is extremely cool. The 3 of them talked briefly about singing the song on Shounen Club Premium with a live band. The following listener wrote in about camping stuff, saying it’s convenient when you have a field rack and nice if you have a vacuum growler. Koyama said they’re being tested and he’s sure he’d know what they were talking about if he sees the items. (M: Field racks are probably racks you can use at home but end up bringing outdoors?) Koyama made Massu imagine what a vacuum growler is while he looked the stuff up, and Massu said, something like a backpack? Shige said a vacuum growler is a growler that’s very vacuum (K: That’s sly!)

K: I found it! Apparently a growler can keep beer cool and carbonated for 24 hours.
S: That’s the vacuum aspect to it?
K: Yeah it means it doesn’t get flat.
S: That’s super amazing. I really want it. I want to click “Buy” already!

Koyama showed them photos and they were like, that’s amazing! Koyama asked them to read the next mail while he looked the field rack up, and Massu went on again about how it must be something meant for indoor use but fine for outdoors too and Shige just read the next mail without responding to Massu.

The listener just bought a shiitake mushroom growing kit recently. It’s been four days and it’s grown to about the size of a thumb. They also wanted to know if the 3 of them have grown anything at home before.
M: I was expecting to hear something about “BURN” but it’s all about shiitake and my head’s in a confused mess now.
K: Massu, you were right. The rack. It looks like something that can be used outdoors.
M: Darn, I got it right!
S: Anything for the listener?
K: What? A thumb grew somewhere? What is it about?
S: It’d be super scary if a thumb grew somewhere!

Shige explained the situation while Massu continued to play on the thumb-grew-somewhere joke. Koyama started talking about the shiitake mushroom and Shige’s like, it’s not about the mushrooms! Don’t you have some houseplants? And Koyama said not anymore, he gave one to his mum and one dried up suddenly one day. Massu said he’s got a big cactus and Koyama said Shige had a cactus too (S: Not anymore). They talked a little about how difficult it is to keep cacti as you need to water them right. Shige said he has some mother of thousands and how it is a plant that can grow from just one stem. He received three stems and they all grew all over the place. He gave one to his friend and kept two. And they are growing all over the place.
K: I hate how you’re saying that.
S: They grow ALL OVER THE PLACE*. And the overgrown leaves that fall off into the water further to GROW ALL OVER THE PLACE.
K: Stop saying “all over the place”.
S: It’s ALL OVER, seriously.
M: Eh where do they fall off to?
S: Anywhere.
K: Stop saying “all over the place”
S: It takes in water from the air, so it can just fall onto the ground-
K: Stop asking him about it, Massu.
M: About how much?
K: This was supposed to be houseplants but now I can only hear “all over”.
S: It’s like, they grow taller right? So they fall off, land onto the ground, and GROW-
K: So annoying…
M: But it’d be a nightmare if the leaves fell back into the same pot, right?
S: It is! Then they grow ALL OVER-
K: Stop encouraging him, Masuda!
S: From vacuum growlers to ALL OVER THE PLACE.
K: Place them on the racks then.
(studio laughs)

*TL note: Shige used “boubou” = overgrown to describe how the plants grew, so imagine him saying “boubou” about a thousand times in 2 minutes xD

The following listener wrote about the first time they ordered sushi delivery. They used to live in a place that was out of the delivery area, but they moved into the city recently and finally ordered sushi delivery for the first time in their 30 years of life. They were really touched because there were so many first times, like seeing the sushi arrive, returning the used plates etc. Shige said he’s never ordered delivery that requires the plates to be returned himself. Koyama was surprised, and Shige replied he’s had them at work, but not when he orders delivery himself. Shige said it’s so troublesome to have to place the plates outside the auto locking door of apartment buildings. Koyamass said that wasn’t troublesome, since you made life easier by ordering food and it’s tougher for the ones bringing the food over. (S: But that’s what I’m paying for!) They said yeah, but the service includes the returning of the plates too. They discussed whether or not you should wash the plates before returning them, and said maybe it depends on the plate or the shop’s policy.
M: You know how some plates have paint on them? Dyed stuff?
K: “Paint”??
M: Not paint. What’s that. You know, the stuff like plaster?
S: You mean lacquer?
(staff laughing in background)
M: But you knew what I was trying to say right?
K: Yeah we do.
M: That you knew what I was talking about but still attacked me about that is just… You’re just making this long! We won’t be able to move on to the next thing!
K: We just thought we had to verbalise the listeners’ questions.
S: To refer to lacquer as “paint”...
K: That’s ALL OVER the place (TL note: using BOUBOU again lol)

Going on to the next letter, the listener finally opened the piggy bank they’ve been saving 500 yen coins into. They noticed they don’t have loose change as often since they started going cashless, so they decided to open the piggy bank, and they saved more than expected. The three of them talked a little about saving coins and Massu said he still has his piggy bank at home. And it’s still pretty empty because he hasn’t been saving much.
S: 500 yen coins?
M: Yeah. Though I put 200 yen (TL note: probably 2 x 100 yen coins) in sometimes.
K, S: Why?
M: Because sometimes I get change and I don’t have any other piggy banks. Isn’t it sad for other coins if you only saved 500 yen ones?
K: Ah… so it’s a piggy bank for coins?
M: Mostly 500 yen though.
K: Do you put 10 yen coins in too? Or just the silver coins? (TL note: 10 yen coins are bronze) 50 yen?
M: 50 yen coins are kind of weak…
K, S: Hahahhaha.

Shige said they really barely use cash these days (K: It’s amazing Massu went cashless), and Koyama said Massu probably withdraws cash more often these days for Gochi. They said they still have to carry wallets though, to hold their driver’s licenses and stuff.

M: Ah sorry. I receive payment in the form of cookies. Um, we can’t edit this part out right? Sorry about that.
K: So we were talking about saving cookies just now, and you put cookies in?
M: Yeah little cookies.
S: That’s so dirty! Imagine inserting spoilt cookies in there!

// Dandy na Otona no Kettei sen! //
(Who’s the dandiest adult?
TL note: this segment is a reference to “Barairo Dandy”, a programme Koyama appears on as a fortnightly regular)

This segment was supposed to check if they’ve matured to become good adults. They said they talked a little about having to grow up etc. earlier and this segment probably will help prove if they have grown up well. Koyama will read out the questions, and they were supposed to respond to it then decide whose answer’s the dandiest. Koyama asked if they wanted to respond immediately after they heard the question or if they wanted to first have an overview of everything that’s coming up. They decided it’s fine to let the listeners hear the questions as they go along, as they each hold a copy of the questions and know what’s coming up. (There are about 5 questions in all) Koyama asked if they wanted to choose the ones they wanted to do or if he should decide for them.

S: Koyama should do one first since this is your segment.
K: No-
M: You should do them all.
S: So I’ll read-
K: Wait hang on I’m bad at these things.
M: Do all.
S: Here goes!
K: Hey… please… oh man. Which one?

Question: What’s the ideal way to spend an off-day for a dandy adult?
(funky music plays)
K: (deep voice) SAUNA.
(music resumes)
S: The music saved you!

They talked a little about saunas, and Koyama says he goes often, though it’s harder to go now with the current situation. Shige said saunas have come back into trend, and Koyama started talking about saunas work for your sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve.
S: SEE? Koyama is greedy when it comes to sleep. That’s why he cares about sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves.
K: Yeah I care about mindfulness a lot.

Massu wondered if it has to be a standalone sauna place or if the ones in gyms count. Koyama said both are fine, and Massu said he’s probably only been to the one in the gym once in his entire life. They said how Massu doesn’t like such places, and that since the earlier years, Massu would be the only one who doesn’t join them at the sentos (bathhouse) when they all went together.
M: To be honest, I don’t really like communal baths. Or, to be more specific, I hate the floor mats that you step on right after you’re done.
K: Stop that.
S: I get how that bothers some people.

Massu explained it’s fine if it’s slippery inside the bath, and it doesn’t bother him even if there’s some mould and all, but he hates that floor mat and how he has to walk barefooted along the corridors after he’s all cleaned up. Koyama asked if he could accept it if the bath was designed such that the entrance and exits were separate, such that only those done bathing use the exit route, so the floor mat should be clean. Massu still didn’t like that idea, since he likes drying himself well, but not everybody does. And he hates having to step on damp floor mats.
K: He’s looking at me like, “What do you think?” Oh man, don’t look at me with such a pure face. How cute. Cute, but it’s not about what I think!

Shige said he likes going to the sauna too, and asked if Koyama has a fixed preference for how long he stays in the sauna and how long he stays in the plunge pool. He said he lets his body tell him. And Massu asked, how is this dandy?? And they talked a little about how you have to be stoic, and it helps you relax. Shige asked if Koyama uses the plunge pool, and he said he didn't used to like it, but grew to like it after finding out it’s good for your body. Shige said it feels really good when your breath gets cool too. (M: Your breath becomes cool too? S: Yeah) They talked a little more about saunas, how the cycle helps you relax and Massu said there was this uncle who was flutter kicking in the plunge pool at his gym. (K: How random)

S: Koyama-san was really good the first time, so do one more!
K: NO.
S: Next-
K: Hey… I can’t do this anymore…

Question: You spot someone littering. How would a dandy adult respond to this?
K: Hang on! (cho, mateyo)
(TL note: Koyama was doing a parody of the classic line Kimura Takuya’s character said in a classic scene from Love Generation)

Koyama said it’s fine to say this, right? Everyone can say this? It’s not something that belongs to Kimura sempai right? Shige joked it’s now rights free (since it's such a classic line and everyone uses it) before bringing it back to the question. They said this situation is so hard, like, would you really be able to call someone out if you saw them littering? Shige said Koyama didn’t have to act funny and could just share how he would do it for real, and Koyama said he’d ask what they intend to do about the litter. Shige asked what if it’s a well built dude in a tank top? Koyama would make sure he could escape in the opposite direction. Shigemass both said they won’t be able to say anything about it. Though Massu would be able to go up to people who do things like look at their phones in the cinema theatre or talk on the phone on the train. As they would be people on the same ground in the same situation. But littering is kind of different, isn’t it?
M: But if they threw their sunglasses off during a marathon, I might be able to tell them that their sunglasses flew off.
K, S: ?????

Koyama brought it back to the littering topic, and Shige said he wouldn’t be able to call the person out, so he’d pick the litter up and dispose of it properly. Koyama said but then you won’t help them become better. He said he’ll throw out, “This is really dangerous,” when he walks past people using their phones while walking too.

S: Koyama-san is such an adult so let’s do the next one.
K: No no, I’ll read the question!
S: If a dandy adult were at a bar-
K: YOU HEAR THE VOICE TALKING TO US? (referring to the instructions from the staff going into their ear monitors)
S: Hmm?
K: The voice is saying, “The other two should take your turns.”
S: HAHHAHAHA they’re really telling us to do it.
K: The listeners’ fans want to hear Massu’s and Shige’s. They’ve had enough of me.
M: “Listeners’ fans”??
K: Yup yup. Should Massu go next?
M: Eh? I’m bad at these.
K: Shige go first then.
S: I’m bad too~
M: Koyama, do it~ Please~

Question: How would a dandy adult draft their text if they wanted to invite a lady they were interested in out?
Shige: I’ve got extra tickets for the opera, want to go together?

Koyama said that’s the epitome of dandyism and Shige said he’s never seen the opera before but tried to make the answer sound dandy. Koyama said that’s perfect because Shige has the image where opera could be something he’s interested in, and the receiving person may feel she’s getting the chance to be part of his world. Massu said he feels Shige probably doesn’t really understand opera, but just likes the idea of himself watching opera. (K: That’s possible too) Shige said that applies to everything though. Everything probably starts because you like the idea of yourself doing something. Koyama said that’s him and classical music. Same for Shige and jazz. Massu said Shige is the type who would work till he really understood what he was getting into though.

Massu had to answer the same question, and
M: I’ll give you some snacks if you come over.
(TL note: he used “okashi”, which can refer to candy, snacks, confectionery…)

Koyama said that’s the scariest, he’s scared to imagine what’s going to happen next. Massu said he thought it’d be nice if he had some nice snacks at home. (K: You’re already at home? Already inviting them to your home?) Shige said it was bad at “snacks”. At least say “sweets”! (K: Well it’s probably some pure intention of wanting to share your cookies, right?) Shige said most people will probably go for meals on their first date, so he wanted to know the kind of venue they’d pick. Massu clarified if the “date” was for people already dating and they said someone they liked and wanted to get together with. Koyama said he’d overdo himself a little, and then share that story later (in the relationship). He’d make reservations for a course, and he’d make all these plans expecting his date to eventually find out that he overdid himself. They said probably not to one of those affordable restaurants for a first date as that wouldn’t be respectful to the date. Massu said he’d pick one of the nicer restaurants out of the places he usually goes to, as he felt it’s better to go to a place he’s familiar with. Shige pointed out going to a place where he’s familiar with the staff could go both ways - it may come across as being reliable, but the date may also end up feeling left out. Koyama said they might think Massu takes people to this place often. (M: I see! Learnt something!) Shige suggested going to a restaurant he’s always wanted to go to but haven’t managed to get reservations for.
M: How’s this? “There’s this place I went to for a magazine interview, and have been meaning to go again, would you go with me?”
S: Exactly what I just said.
M: That’s it!

They agreed that this was the best answer to the question (M: Play the song. K: WHY? And which song??) Koyama asked if Shige had anything to add on and Shige said he might go for a French restaurant or something, and would ask his date for their food preferences so he could tell the restaurant ahead. So if the staff comes to confirm their food preferences on the day itself, they’d know he told the restaurant beforehand! (K: You’re the type to show all your efforts huh. S: YES. I won’t let that one chance go!) Shige said places like the ones on the top floor of hotels might be trying too hard, and maybe sushi may work? Massu said it feels kind of weird to go to a sushi place for the first time because it won’t work well for conversations.
K: And it won’t be nice to put the lady into the spot since the portions tend to be a lot.
S: You can say that ahead too!
K: Like less rice and so on.
M: But you never know, it could be someone with a large appetite! Why do you assume they won’t be able to eat a lot!
K: It’s fine to start off with less.
M: WHY! What if they end up having to get ramen on their own before heading back?
S: You can just check at the end to see if they had enough or if they wanted to order more.
K: But it’s cute how females have problems finishing their food, isn’t it?
M: That’s your ideal, not the reality!
K: It’s fine if they have good appetites though.

Massu said it’s more “dandy” if you ordered more and finished the food up if they couldn’t eat so much, isn’t it? They agreed, and said it’s best if the date doesn’t end up having to force themselves to eat. Massu suddenly said he’d want to go for teppanyaki, and
S: There’s the smoke to think about
K: They’d be wearing their favourite clothes…
M: True.
S: This boy is sounding like an amateur.
M: There is the possibility they’d come in their favourite clothes.
S: Plus people tend to order garlic rice at the end, don’t they? Garlic rice on a date?
K: And who knows if you might want to go for drinks after.
M: But if you both had the garlic rice, would you still be able to tell the smell?
K: Can I announce who was the dandiest already?

So the staff in the booth (mostly male) voted to decide, and Koyama won with 4 votes (Shigemass both got zero votes). Shigemass were like, so he won his own segment, and hey since he’s the dandiest he should do the final one! (K: NO and we are running out of time we should play the song!!!)
S: What’s a dandy way of confessing your love?
(Koyama tries to promote “Barairo Dandy” while staff plays cue music for saying the answer)
K: This came so suddenly… I guess this is it. I love you.

♪ Oboroduki ♪

A listener wrote about the previous segment, and said because all of them were playing the fool, they should all be disqualified. (HAHAHAHHA) Because dandy adults won’t fool around like that. (K: They’re genuinely mad at us!) Massu said that’s true and dandy people are probably naturally dandy and won’t think of how to react in a dandy way. Like Tatsu Hiroshi-san, or people who can pull off bathrobes naturally. Shige said if they truly became dandy, this programme would probably end up really boring. They tried to be “dandy” for a while, but it’s basically just them talking in low voices.

Reading the next listener mail in a low voice (Massu), the listener wanted to know what they were excited about recently.
S: (low voice) When I rode on a horse, I guess.
K: (low voice) I just got my sports car last week, so when I was driving that I guess.
S: Let’s stop this. It’s boring, as expected. Our jokes are so lame!

Back to the question, Massu said getting to do something for the first time, like this radio programme, despite them being around the scene for so many years. The other two agreed. Koyama made Massu read the next mail again. (K: Taka!) The next listener said the 3 of them had awesome teamwork - Koyama for taking care of the time and progress of the programme, Shige for expanding on the topics, and Massu for trolling* and hyping the atmosphere up.
K: Are they praising you?
S: “Trolling”? They didn’t want to say you were making things fun.
M: It’s probably the first time I read this phrase (trolling*) out loud in my life.

*TL note: the listener used “ba wo arasu” (trolling, making a mess) instead of “ba wo moriageru” (make things fun/enjoyable, make the atmosphere exciting).

9pm - 9:20pm

Shige was trying to read a “My First NEWS” mail while the other two kept talking about how fast the time passed by and Shige was like, “This is being rude to the listener so please listen.” So the listener lost their smartphone for the first time recently but their phone got sent to the security office of the municipal office near their workplace, and they managed to get it back. Shige asked if they’ve lost anything recently. Koyama said sometime at the end of last year, he left his phone in Zara’s changing room (K: Crap I said Zara out) and only discovered he didn’t have his phone about 2 hours later when he wanted to check the time. Neither Shige nor Massu had any stories to share about losing things, but Shige had one about not being able to find something at home. Last year, he bought a glass ornament designed to look like a kagami mochi thinking it’s cute. He put it away and couldn’t find it, so he bought a real kagami mochi for New Year’s this year. He ate all the mochi of course, since he bought it. And when he was sorting his clothes yesterday, he found it hidden in a corner. He was like, why didn’t you show up a month or so earlier!

The next mail was from a listener who went strawberry picking for the first time and brought home more than 16 packs of strawberries. Koyama asked if they’ve been fruit picking and said he’s been strawberry picking with Massu for a magazine (May 2020 issue of Biteki). Koyama said he’s been to Mother Farm to pick strawberries in private.
M: That boubou place? (TL note: he’s just picking up on the sound from the Japanese word for farm, bokujo, and not making any sense)
K: Yup that boubou place.
S: Was it boubou?
K: It was.

Shige has been strawberry picking in private too, about 5 years ago. His friend’s family wanted to go, but they didn’t have a car, so they asked if he could drive them there. Because it was towards the end of the season, there weren’t that many strawberries. Massu asked if Shige was the type who would readily drive his friends. Koyama said they must be super close, and Shige said yeah, they were family friends. He couldn’t refuse if he was asked. Koyama said they probably won’t be able to easily ask Shige for the same (S: Sure you can), and Koyamass talked a little about who Shige would more likely drive (both said the other), and Massu said to be very honest, Shige probably wouldn’t drive either of them. (S: No, that’s fine) Koyama pointed out how Massu would never ask for a favour like that so they may actually want to help him out if he did.
M: Yeah if I asked you if you would drive me to go strawberry picking, and I showed up alone, and the two of us went strawberry picking together-
K: Something must have happened!
S: Yeah.
K: I’d have asked about it in the car on the way to the strawberries.
S: Yeah it’d be worrying.

The following mail was from a listener who sent a video message for their friend’s wedding ceremony recently. A few of them recorded their own messages and put them together into a video and the bride was really happy. The three of them talked about how this seems to be the case for a lot of weddings, having remote ceremonies and all, and added that this video will be something to keep as part of the memories.

Another listener wrote in to say they used an ear monitor for the first time recently. They play drums as a hobby, and there’s a recital every year. It got cancelled due to COVID-19, so all the students recorded their tracks and the teacher mixed it together for them. The listener used the ear monitor when they were making their recording. Koyama said it isn’t common for people to have to make their own ear monitors, and Shige wondered if they had one made. But it wasn’t clear if they made one or just used a ready made one. Shige said he also hates having his ear monitor made (since he hated getting his ears picked) as they had to have something put into their ears to make the mould. Koyama doesn’t like it either.

The following listener got proposed to for the first time recently. When they got home from work, NEWS’ “Beautiful” was suddenly played (M: It’s a beauuuutiful day~) and they got proposed to. Now the song is even more important to them. The 3 of them congratulated the listener and said they were really happy to hear that and would have loved to be there to witness it. Koyama said there’re probably a lot more instances than they could imagine when their songs were used for important occasions. Massu said the choice of “Beautiful” probably means the husband wants the listener to stay beautiful the way they are, and Koyama added this means he was understanding about how she likes NEWS. They congratulated the listener again.

They then introduced the final song of the day, saying this was a song of support by NEWS, and that all 3 of them chose the same song without any prior discussions. (M: How is that possible? K: The impossible happened)

♪ U R not alone ♪

They promoted the STORY tour and said that they’re getting to do the tour after a year. They talked a lot about whether or not to rename the tour from “2020” to “2021” but decided to stick to “2020” as they were going to perform it as they intended to in 2020. They may well want to create a different concert now, but they decided to share what they wanted to do back then with the fans. They’ll also stream the concert for those who can’t physically attend so as to reduce the number of people who want to watch but can’t. They don’t want to force people to come and hope people would prioritise their health. And to those who can attend, do take the best precautions, as they would too, and let’s all make this a successful tour together.

Reading a mail, the listener was worried if they’d be able to hold out the 3 hrs 40 mins, but it was so much fun that the fun atmosphere was overflowing, just like older designs of chili oil bottles. (S: That’s a good one!)

Another listener talked about how even though the number of members have changed, the fans know that NEWS is becoming better and better. The listener thanked them for always thinking of the fans.

Next mail: they were happy for the programme and said they felt as excited as going to a concert. They received strength from listening to their voices on the radio programme. They’re extremely grateful for Team NEWS who think of ways to move forward despite it being a rough period now. While things continue to remain difficult, they feel like they can soldier on because they know we’re all working hard together. Koyama said it is the fans that keep them going. Shige agreed, saying there’s “BURN”, the tour, and a lot of individual work coming up, so he hopes the fans would look forward to everything.

They started saying their thanks and said it was fun.
M: I can do another 3hrs 40mins though, what shall we do?
K: Thank you for listening to NEWS no All Night Nippon Premium! That was Koyama Keiichiro and-
S: Kato Shigeaki and-
M: Masuda Takahisa.
K: Till we meet again. Thank you! Bye bye!
S: Thank you!
M: Bye bye!
S: Please invite us again~
M: I can still speak for another 3 hrs 40 mins~~ Shall we? Shall we??
K: That was really fun!
S: Masuda-san, shut up.
K: Thank you for the work! Listeners, thank you for listening!

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